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Why Hire Hamaca Fitness?

When one considers the value that tenants should be receiving in their building for their investment, maintaining a sanitary workout environment in their residential gym should be tantamount. 


For example training my client at his luxury gym space, we were unable to find any wipes to clean the equipment surfaces and there was no one on the floor to provide any type of towel service.  There was no indication of benches and other common areas being cleaned and/or disinfected. If the gym has a contract for a space that is managed and maintained from the hours of 6 AM to 10 PM, then all necessary materials required for a safe, comfortable and healthy environment should be on hand.


 A space can be adequately maintained at a reasonable price with a staff of four to five (one front desk manager, one floor trainer and one maintenance staff for each bathroom and a lifeguard for any pool needs) . This will ensure that whether in a condominium, or in a co-op where a maintenance fee is charged, tenants will feel validated in paying extra fees on top of mortgage and or leasing payments. 


One thing I’ve learned in the one to one business, we should never be just providing the bare minimum for services. We should always be going above and beyond what is required. Our clientele should expect to get services that match the stature of the building with good hygienic protocols that meet the highest of health standards. Tenants will more readily use the space, and possibly even utilize the services such as daycare, personal training, or even Massage therapy/physical therapy in a space that is all under the same roof.

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