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Manuel Cardona- founder and visionary behind the Hamaca System

Meet The Trainer 

Over the last 28+ years in the business, I have come across people with ravaged joints, tendons, and ligaments from over-training or moving incorrectly. I  help correct those improper movement patterns so people can be pain-free and move again. 

​I teach not just physical fitness, I show people how to move their bodies correctly with regards to posture and how to properly engage the right muscles in the proper sequence to avoid injury. I use multiple forms of movement-based exercises and overall movements found in multiple disciplines to provide an overarching approach that covers flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination, strength, power, and recovery. 

Within the process of training my clients, an entire household changed their way of eating, Their outlook and support for one another have impacted their health.I have worked with different clientele ranging from cancer patients to cerebral palsy (muscles were cut in experimental surgeries) and clients who have had severe back injuries.


I learned a good bulk of my approach from working at Liberty Wellness and Chiro in the Wall Street area. Here I learned the most about integrative wellness. I never discourage my clients from trying everything they can try to get better. I’m here to encourage and point people in the right direction.


That’s why I’ve developed lifelong friendships with most of my people!

Hamaca Review

My joint health and imbalances have improved significantly since training with Manuel. I'm not only able to perform many of the movements that I had to stop previous to working with him, but now I'm able to handle higher weights and more reps for those same movements. I'm on my way to reaching the strength and conditioning goals that I set for myself and confident that I can continue on with the sustainable training program that we are developing for a long time. 

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