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Only One Night Though

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. I've been the recipient as well as the cause of many a tears. This is not something to be seen as a point of pride. My mother would often tell me how I was running through life and lives with no consequence, never once thinking about the other person's feelings. I'm still working through the feeling of having to deal with consequences. This is, as I love quoting Socrates- a life examined. I'm doing this now in my later years. But I never once, in my past life, stopped to care about other people's feelings. I was selfish. Yet, I've heard that we need to be a little selfish when it comes to trying to improve our lives. That should be the only time someone needs to be selfish. When it comes to other aspects of life, it's important to be self-less. We need to involve other people's perspectives in certain choices. Like, when we want to blow a gasket and give someone a piece of our mind. Sometimes we're better off holding our peace as opposed to expressing our disgust. You never know what that other person is going through. And that, dear readers, is something we don't always want to do. Like I said earlier, I did things not caring about how other people felt. But I never wanted to be seen as this detached, careless, unloving, void-of-compassion monster. But that's what we have to admit to ourselves first. If you don't give a damn about another living soul and only want your own pleasure, then admit it! Then, and only then, will you be worth someone else's air you're breathing. Otherwise, just keep it a-moving and enjoy yourself on the other side of the room with your circle of self-centered creatures of darkness (trying to find another word other than monsters). Because let's face it- that's what you are. I'm only saying what I feel. And believe it or not, my feelings aren't facts, so I guess I'll now get over myself, just be of service to my fellow man, and shut my mouth. Then and only then will I be worth anything. Because if you haven't realized, I'm the chief of sinners. I'm not throwing stones. I'm checking myself before I wreck myself.

My message to all those that are reading this- stop for a second. Think about what you're about to say. Consider someone else's feelings before your own. You may be going through it right now. But what you're going through might, just might, be a story that will help someone through their own fires. Your pain may be your own. But the light at the end of the tunnel is for everyone else. Share that light. Bring some solutions to people's plights. Be the answer to someone's questions. Don't add to their problems. Take someone else's burdens. Then and only then, do you get stronger than the evil lurking outside your own door!!!

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Manuel Cardona
Manuel Cardona
Jun 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So insightful!

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