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Mindset Mastery: How I treat others is how I treat myself-the kindness quotient (or “Be Kind to Yourself”)

Updated: Feb 1

I'm beginning to consider the power of intentionality. Of how we perceive ourselves and how it affects our daily outcome. Now you may ask, how does someone's self perception and intentions affect their fitness? We'll, let's consider some facts:

Fact #1:

While we are carbon-based life forms, what differentiates us in the power of options and choices.

I often mention to my clients how nothing in humanity is perfect, and we need to learn to let ourselves go and let God. Sounds very self-help and twelve step. Sure it is. But we have freedom of choice. Sometimes freedom of choice can destroy us but more often than not, if we're on the right life-stream, that freedom can align us with an abundant and healthy life. We're free to say "no to drugs" (old catch phrase from the '80's that still hasn't gone out of style). We're free to choose to not get upset and walk away from a situation. This phrase makes me think of the line in "Englishman in New York": "A gentleman will walk, but never run." Walk away with your head held high. I see so many confrontations on the streets happen in defense of the person's honor, all the while not considering the outcome. Which leads to...

Fact #2:

While we are like animals in that we have all the basic life survival needs, we are thinking beings.

We need not ever have to feel overwhelmed by our circumstances. Rent is late, don't overthink it, the pay's around the corner. This takes a certain degree of faith. As some of you may or may not know, I'm to be ordained in the church of God as an Evangelist. The process takes time and I'm all about being of service to my fellow man. Is that due to my progressing age? On the contrary, I just ran away from my calling for years. This was my choice, ultimately (freedom of choice), but it was always available to me. That means we all, as human beings, have the freedom to choose what life we want to live, regardless of circumstances. We just have to choose. It's our God-given right. That's often something we forget. Aaaand...

Fact #3:

We have the right to be happy, joyous and free!

I always say to myself I have a choice to be in whatever mood I'm in. Somebody gets on my last nerve- I choose to be happy and rejoice. Some people might even go out of their way to make me miserable. But I still choose instead to be happy, joyous, and free.

I'm a member of my local community church where, in Flatbush Brooklyn, a man that looks like me should not feel comfortable walking through his neighborhood. I remember a family member once telling me."don't walk through the Howard Beach are. They're gunning for people that look like you!" If I lived my life always concerned about whether I fit in a specific neighborhood, I would never have learned about other cultures, peoples and tongues. I've learned that my life is not determined by my environment around me, but by the environment I carry with me. Some people can be so full of themselves. When that happens, you know what they're really full of. But I digress.


So while I may not always be where I want with whom I want in whatever situation I want. I can only agree that we're always on g to be where we were supposed to end up at. And when that becomes a realization for you, you will find an inner peace of always feeling like your destiny is today and it's right now. Not "one day."

Yes I mean today is the acceptable day of living a new life. And that's every day. And when we do that, we find that the answer for life is not through a guru, or a religion, or some system of man. Th e answer is within you. When you're at peace, when you can accept that wherever you are is where you're supposed to be, no matter what, then we become a better, more productive member of society. At one point I wanted to be "terminally unique." But now I just want to be excellent. Excellent is different from trying to compare yourself to others. Being excellent is being like no other person on this planet. And being who you are where you're at is your destiny. And your destiny is being YOU!!!

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